expressive explorers


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1y - 3y


Apr 2, Apr 9, Apr 16, Apr 23, May 7


Tuesdays at 9am


Candice G.

Group Size

10 students

Carer Participation


Space limited
expressive explorers

Foster language through creative play

$35 /class

What's included

Expert-led classes and guidance
Play for the day
Discount for members

Expressive Explorers

Let us take the planning off of your plate — led by Candice Grudowski, an ASHA certified speech-language pathologist, this class provides you with specialized instruction surrounding weekly themes to enrich speech and language skills. Connect with your toddler while supporting their development through storytelling, play, crafts, music and movement. Whether you have a few words or many, we’ll meet you where you’re at!

Weekly sessions will introduce:

Play invitations to promote imagination, creativity and problem solving
Vocabulary and concepts anchored around a theme
How to encourage imitation without putting communicative pressure on your child
Practical speech and language strategies to incorporate into your daily routines

This class will help you answer questions like:

How do I help my toddler talk? How can I prevent frustration surrounding communication? What are age appropriate communication milestones? How do I communicate with my toddler? How do I play with my child? What should I say when I play? How do I model language for my child? How do I read with my child? What is the difference between speech and language?

We can't wait to have you explore with us!